2017 Board of Directors &

Committee Chairs


Damon Parsons – President

Tom Browning - Vice-President 

Kenny Goth -  Treasurer  

Jane Eyanson – Secretary 

Herman Nitsche

Marty Watson

Beth Webber

Carol Phillips

Nancy Williams

Jim Munsterman





Chair of Membership Committee - Tom Browning

Chair of Real Estates, Road and Sewer Committee - Marty Watson

Chair of House Committee - Kenny Goth

Chair of Greens Committee - Nancy Williams

Chair of the Internet Committee - Beth Webber

Chair of the Pool Committee - Jim Munsterman

Chair of Tournament Committee - Carol Phillips

Chair of Finance Committee - Herman Nitsche

If you have any ideas, comments or concerns, please share them with any Board Member or Committee Chair.  This is your Club, and member input is always welcome and encouraged!