2020 Officers & Board of Directors 


Kenny Goth – President

Jack Ehrman - Vice-President 

Steve Hills -  Treasurer  

Carol Phillips – Secretary 

Kevin Robbins

Tami Mills

Jack Novacek

Sally Rude

Sherry Crites





Membership Committee - Sherry(C), Jack E, Jack N 

House Committee - Kevin (C), Tami, Jack E  

Greens Committee - Jack E(C), Carol, Jack N

Internet Committee - Carol(C), Tami, Kevin

Pool Committee - Sally(C), Steve, Sherry

Tournament Committee - Tami (C), Carol, Sherry

Finance Committee - Jack N (C), Steve, Sally

Real Estates, Road and Sewer Committee - Steve (C), Kevin, Sally

Entertainment: All

If you have any ideas, comments or concerns, please share them with any Board Member or Committee Chair.  This is your Club, and member input is always welcome and encouraged!