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Swimming Pool Rules


Swimming Pool Rules- Clinton Country Club IS NOT Responsible for Accidents!

  1. The pool will be open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.
  2. The pool will be closed on Mondays, except for Holidays.
  3. No Lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk.
  4. Children under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older at all times.
  5. Local guests living in Henry County may be invited to our pool for a maximum of two visits. Our single members are allowed to bring a date to utilize clubhouse facilities only. The pool is not included in this privilege.
  6. Grandchildren of pool members can swim at the pool an unlimited number of times, as long as the grandparent is present at the pool with their grandchild at all times, no matter whether the grandchild lives locally or is visiting from out of town.
  7. To unlock the gate and use the pool you must be age 14 or older.
  8. Do not swim alone.
  9. Do not swim following eating, taking medication or drinking alcohol.
  10. No glassware, electrical appliances or electrical equipment inside the pool area.
  11. No running or pushing.
  12. No diving in shallow water. Make certain swimmers are clear before diving. Dive off of end of diving board not from the sides.
  13. Adult (21 years or older) members may use the pool after regular pool hours. (You may request a key from Sherry Crites). Clinton Country Club is not responsible for accidents after pool hours.
  14. For emergencies call 911 from the clubhouse or personal cell phone.
  15. The pool is available to members with pool privileges for parties ($20 fee) after 5:00 pm. The party host is responsible for furnishing a qualified lifeguard or enough adults to supervise and cleanup the pool area after the party. Contact the pool manager to make reservations and for help in hiring a lifeguard. A sign will be posted when parties are scheduled.
  16. No outside beverages or food items may be brought into pool area during club hours. Snacks are permitted.
  17. Guests of members must sign in.
  18. Pool contact person is Sherry Crites 417-893-1071.



Golf Course Rules

1.  Appropriate golf attire is required.  No tank tops.

2.  Members guests should register at the bar and pay greens fees before playing golf.

3.  Members are responsible for the green fees of their guests.

4.  Local guests (Henry county residents) of members are limited to two times a year.

5.  House and House, pool, tennis & members are allowed to play golf five times each year upon paying green fees at the guest rate.

6.  No children under 13 years of age may play unless accompanied by an adult.

7.  Children must be 14 years of age to drive a member's golf cart unless accompanied by an adult. Children must be 16 years of age to drive a leased golf cart.

8.  Start on #1 tee unless you have permission to start on #10 tee.

9.  Four or Five players to a group are preferred, never more than five.  Single players or two-somes do not have priority on the golf course.  However, when two holes are open, faster players should be allowed to play through.

10. No golf carts allowed on hole #2 and all par 3 fairways.

11. Use cart path when available.  Uses 90-degree rule from paths or rough to ball.  Obey all cart sign direction markers.

12. Keep carts 30 feet from greens.  Don't park carts in front of greens.

13. Two people per cart when possible.

14. Slow players let faster players through.

15. Never hit into players in front of you; wait until they have cleared the green.

16. Repair golf divots and ball marks.

17. After putting out, move to next green before writing down score.

18. No practicing or chipping on golf greens.

19. Don't hold up players while looking for lost balls.

20. This is your golf course, please pick up any trash.

21. Golfers between 13 and 16 are encouraged to play in twosomes to speed up play.

22. Never get in front of someone hitting the ball.

23. If your ball lands on the wrong green or fringe, you get a free drop, do not hit an iron off the green.

24. If your ball goes in the sand between #6 and # 10 you may sole the club, waste bunker

25. Out of bounds are marked with fences or white stakes.

26. Red stakes mark water and lateral hazards.  If a ball is lost in these areas, drop a ball behind the hazard.  Keep the point at which the original ball last crossed the margin of the hazard directly between  the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped with no limit to how far behind the hazard the ball may be dropped.  Penalty of one stroke.

27. When on the green:

*Never talk or stand in front of someone putting.

*The person with the longest putt is "out" and hits first.        *Repair your ball marks and any others you might see.

          *Do not run on the greens.

*Don't hold flag so it "flaps in the wind" while someone is putting.

          *Metal spikes are prohibited.

28. Low score from the previous hole tees off first at the next hole.




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Hours of Operation

The golf course is open seven days a week, however the club house is closed on Mondays.  You must call ahead for a tee time before playing on Mondays.

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